Study Organization

Actively working with SIM-development

  • Fredrik Söderqvist (PI), Research leader in public health at Region Örebro County and Region Västmanland and associated researcher at Uppsala and Örebro universities. Area of expertise: public health, positive psychology and epidemiology.   
  • Sussan Öster, former method developer at Region Västmanland, presently at Vital GoodSolution Ldt. Area of expertise: solution-focused coaching, training and method development.
  • Urban Norling, at Norling Education Ldt. Area of expertise: teaching and supervision, solution-focsed methods and coaching.

Research collaborators

  • Johanna Gustavsson, researcher at Örebro University. Area of expertise: mental health and qualitative methods.
  • Cynthia G. S. Franklin, Stiernberg/Spencer Family professor in mental health at University of Texas, USA. Area of expertise: mental health and solution-focused interventions in schools.
  • Camilla Eriksson, researcher at Mälardalen university. Area of expertise: public health and qualitative methods.
  • Lena Uvhagen, PhD student at Örebro University. Area of expertise: public health.